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Welcome to our roundup of the top genuine leather ottomans on the market! This article is designed to help you find the perfect ottoman to elevate your living space and make a stylish statement. We’ve handpicked a selection of high-quality, durable options to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or a modern twist, we’ve got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and dive into our roundup of genuine leather ottomans.

The Top 10 Best genuine leather ottomans

  1. Brown Leather Cigar Loveseat Ottoman with Extendable Functionality — Unwind in style with the modern Cigar Ottoman, featuring comfortable leather upholstery, easy storage options, and durable construction for a perfect addition to any living space.
  2. Genuine Italian Leather Cognac Tan Ottoman with Comfortable Filling — Indulge in ultimate comfort with the Wade Logan Ottoman, featuring genuine Italian leather, sturdy construction, and a unique patina that adds character with everyday use.
  3. Luxury Nature Cognac Leather Ottoman — Distressed Design — Experience ultimate luxury with the Rehan Leather Ottoman, featuring a naturally distressed finish and a versatile design that complements any decor.
  4. Handcrafted Genuine Leather Ottoman in Brown — Beautifully crafted in North Carolina, our Canyon Collection offers a stunning genuine leather ottoman with a modern twist, bringing a timeless aesthetic to your living space.
  5. Colby Genuine Leather Rectangle Ottoman for Modern Living Spaces — Discover the opulent comfort of our premium Genuine Leather Upholstered Ottoman, designed with a sturdy wood frame, medium soft foam cushion, and eye-catching Tan Brown hue for the perfect touch of elegance and luxury in your living space.
  6. Luxurious Saddle Leather Ottoman by Marin — Transform your living space with the Marin Large Square Ottoman, available in genuine leather or vegan leather, boasting a kiln-dried solid wood frame, high-gauge sinuous springs, and luxurious foam and down cushioning.
  7. Artiles 31" Wide Genuine Leather Rectangle Ottoman in Brown — Experience luxurious comfort and timeless style with Wildon Home’s 31" wide, Brown genuine leather rectangle standard ottoman — a sophisticated blend of contemporary design and enduring durability.
  8. Macy’s Aspen Brown Modern Leather Ottoman — Elevate your living space with the Jazaria 31" Modern Leather Ottoman, featuring a blend of classic and modern styles for ultimate comfort and craftsmanship.
  9. Marseille Brown Leather Ottoman with Sturdy Support — The Danva Leather Ottoman features genuine brown Marseille leather, offering both durability and comfort in one versatile piece for your home.
  10. Timeless Ciarah Leather Ottoman — Minimalist, Walnut Wood, Neutral Style — Indulge in timeless elegance with the Ciarah Leather Ottoman, featuring rich walnut wood and plush cushions, a must-have for any minimalist space.

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Brown Leather Cigar Loveseat Ottoman with Extendable Functionality


The Cigar Ottoman offers a perfect blend of comfort and modern style. This rectangular leather ottoman is designed for ultimate relaxation, adding an extra touch of luxury to your living space. With its sturdy, corner-blocked wood frame and high-density foam filling, this ottoman provides exceptional support.

Its sleek design is not only visually appealing but also functional, allowing it to host a tray of drinks or your favorite book collection. The Cigar Ottoman can also double as an extension for the Cigar Loveseat, creating the ultimate modern comfort experience.

Users have praised the ottoman for its comfort, visual appeal, and craftsmanship. The durable construction ensures it will hold up well over time, and its ease of moving makes it a versatile addition to any living space. Although some customers mention the size, the overall rating of 5.0 speaks to the high quality and satisfaction with this Cigar Ottoman.

Genuine Italian Leather Cognac Tan Ottoman with Comfortable Filling


I recently had the pleasure of using this sophisticated, yet convenient item — the Federalsburg Genuine Italian Leather Ottoman. The Wade Logan upholstery, available in the cognac tan color, adds a touch of elegance to any space. The tufted leather exterior not only looks stylish but is sturdy enough for day-to-day use.

One of the features that stood out for me was the full-grain, aniline-dyed leather. This leather gains character over time by developing a unique patina from everyday use, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. The corner-blocked wood frame with mahogany legs provides the necessary sturdiness for transport and movement around the house, and the high-density foam and feather down filling ensures a comfortable and firm sitting experience.

I admire the thoughtful design of this ottoman, making it a practical addition to my home. It has multiple functions, serving as an extra seat, footrest, or even a coffee table when needed. The solid wood frame, combined with the attractive finish, lends an air of durability without sacrificing style.

Additionally, the product was relatively easy to assemble and move, thanks to the sturdy yet lightweight frame and well-constructed legs. Overall, the Federalsburg Genuine Italian Leather Ottoman has been a great addition to my living space, and I would highly recommend it for others seeking style, comfort, and versatility in their home decor.

Luxury Nature Cognac Leather Ottoman — Distressed Design

The Rehan Nature Cognac Ottoman is a true statement piece, adorned in high-quality top-grain leather that boasts a soft, inviting feel. This Italian-made ottoman exudes elegance and relaxation, with a distressed finish that adds character and warmth to your space. The contrasting black metal legs perfectly complement the overall design, making it an ideal addition to any living room or conversational area.

However, be aware that the distressed leather may require special care to maintain its rustic charm. Overall, the Rehan Nature Cognac Ottoman is a luxurious and stylish choice for anyone seeking a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture.

Handcrafted Genuine Leather Ottoman in Brown

The Canyon Ottoman, available in a rich, brown leather, offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. Handcrafted in North Carolina, this ottoman features angled details and a low profile, perfect for relaxing or adding an extra touch of style to your living room. The wooden slats and open frame not only add a touch of natural beauty but also make for a timeless aesthetic.

A choice of genuine leather ensures durability and adds to the overall charm of this piece. Despite its charming design, the Canyon Ottoman is a versatile addition to any living space, making it the ideal choice for a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Colby Genuine Leather Rectangle Ottoman for Modern Living Spaces

Experience the epitome of luxury with the Colby Modern Living Room Ottoman. This rectangular ottoman is not only a stunning statement piece but also an incredibly comfortable addition to your living space. The genuine leather upholstery boasts a rich, tan brown hue that not only looks stunning but also boasts high durability. No need to worry about assembly as it arrives ready to use.

Ergonomics are at the forefront with the high-density foam cushion, ensuring the utmost in comfort while you put your feet up or use it as an extra seat. The timeless, solid furniture pattern complements the elegant design, making it perfect for any room.

My favorite part? The versatility. Whether you need an extra footrest or want a sophisticated coffee table, the Colby Ottoman fits the bill effortlessly. Each use feels like a personal indulgence, a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of this Ottoman.

Luxurious Saddle Leather Ottoman by Marin

As a reviewer who’s had the chance to use the Marin Large Square Ottoman, I must say that it has proven to be a comfortable addition to any living space. The genuine top-grain leather, available in a sleek nut shade, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. The cushion, filled with both foam and down, provides ample support and ensures a cozy place to rest your feet. The high-gauge sinuous springs cushion support really made a difference, as I often find myself enjoying this ottoman after a long day at work.

However, I must also mention that the natural variation in color and texture of the leather might not be a pro for everyone. As the leather is a product of nature, each piece is unique, and this can lead to slight differences in appearance. The sturdiness of the kiln-dried solid wood frame and the plastic shadowline support legs give the ottoman a sturdy feel, but it’s not something I would consider a deal-breaker. Overall, the Marin Large Square Ottoman is a comfortable and stylish addition to any space, but remember to expect slight imperfections due to the natural material.

Artiles 31" Wide Genuine Leather Rectangle Ottoman in Brown

I recently had the pleasure of using the Wildon Home 31" Wide Genuine Leather Rectangle Standard Ottoman. Let me tell you, this piece exudes a subtle sophistication that effortlessly blends into your living space. The sleek tapered block legs provide a modern touch that elevates its simple yet refined aesthetic.

One of the most striking features of this ottoman is its genuine leather finish. It’s not just a style statement, but also a testament to its durability. The leather is not only scratch resistant, but also water-resistant, making it a practical choice for a busy household.

However, while using it, I did encounter a small issue. One of the legs was not properly attached, and it appears that the screws had been broken off during production. This issue was unfortunately not identified before delivery, causing additional hassle.

Despite this hiccup, overall, I’m quite pleased with my experience using the Wildon Home Leather Ottoman. It’s not only attractive and comfortable, but also sturdy. The genuine leather material is high-quality and adds a touch of luxury to your home decor. So, if you’re in the market for an ottoman, this one might just be the perfect addition to your living space.

Macy’s Aspen Brown Modern Leather Ottoman


I’m blown away by the Jazaria 31" Modern Leather Ottoman. The open-base design with its warm-toned wood legs creates a welcoming atmosphere, while the soft and smooth leather adds a touch of luxury. Its luggage-style stitching is a perfect blend of classic and modern styles, making it a versatile piece for any living space.

However, I did encounter a minor issue with the delivery and assembly process. I had to pay for shipping, and although it arrived, the ottoman wasn’t assembled as expected. But overall, the quality of the leather and its comfort are top-notch, making it a great addition to my living room.

Marseille Brown Leather Ottoman with Sturdy Support


Experience the versatility and style of the Danva Leather Ottoman Body Fabric, boasting a luxurious Marseille Brown genuine leather. Its circular design offers a warm, inviting seating or footrest option, perfect for any living space. Crafted from strong solid and engineered wood construction, it ensures both durability and stability.

Providing not only support but also comfort, this ottoman features web suspension, foam fill, and synthetic fiber cushioning. The tear-resistant upholstery ensures long-lasting use in your daily life, making it a reliable choice. However, some users have reported concerns about the online color representation not matching the actual product and the leather feeling less soft than expected.

Although lacking removable cushion covers, legs, and tray, the Danva Leather Ottoman Body Fabric is generally well-liked due to its eye-catching design, cozy comfort, and reliable durability.

Timeless Ciarah Leather Ottoman — Minimalist, Walnut Wood, Neutral Style


I recently fell in love with the Closeout! Ciarah Leather Ottoman, created exclusively for Macy’s. Its Chestnut color not only matches my living room décor perfectly but also adds a touch of timeless elegance. Its minimalist design is a standout feature, featuring thick welting and an open base that gives it that classic feel.

The ottoman is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the smooth top grain leather and plush, supportive cushioning. The walnut wood gives it a great solidity and the dark wood finish adds the perfect touch of sophistication. And let’s not forget about the convenient, lightweight size, making it easy to move around.

However, there is one drawback — the assembly process. While it’s not a huge issue, you need to pay attention to the packaging and unzip the fabric cover to remove the pedestal legs and bolts before use. The instructions are clear, and it didn’t take me long to figure it all out.

Overall, the Closeout! Ciarah Leather Ottoman is a fantastic addition to any home, blending style, comfort, and luxury effortlessly. Despite the minor assembly frustration, the benefits of this elegant piece make it well worth the effort.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting a genuine leather ottoman, there are several important features and considerations to keep in mind. These will help ensure that you find the right ottoman to suit your needs, style, and budget. From materials and construction to size and color, we’ve compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide for genuine leather ottomans.

Material and Construction

A genuine leather ottoman is typically made from high-quality, tanned animal hides. Considerations include the type of leather (such as cowhide, goatskin, or pigskin), the thickness of the hide, and the type of tanning process used. Good-quality leather should be durable, stain-resistant, and have a natural, supple feel. Additionally, pay attention to the stitching and overall construction of the ottoman, as it will impact its strength and longevity.

Size and Shape

Genuine leather ottomans come in various sizes and shapes, so it’s essential to consider where you plan to place it in your home. Make sure to measure the available space and compare it to the ottoman’s dimensions. Common sizes include small (18–20 inches), medium (20–22 inches), and large (22–24 inches). The ottoman’s shape can also influence its versatility, with square, round, or rectangular styles being the most common. In addition, think about whether you prefer a footrest with a backrest or a lower, more compact design.

Color and Pattern

Leather ottomans are available in various colors and patterns, allowing you to match the design of your room or your personal preference. Some popular color options include black, brown, beige, and tan. Additionally, many genuine leather ottomans feature patterns or embossing for added texture and visual interest. Keep in mind that the color and pattern may affect the leather’s behavior in terms of scratch resistance and ease of cleaning.

Cushion and Seat Height

Finally, consider the cushion and seat height of the genuine leather ottoman. Ottomans with thicker, plumper cushions may provide more comfort as a footrest or additional seating. Additionally, you may want to pay attention to the height of the ottoman, as this can impact the ease of getting on and off the furniture. If multiple people will be using the ottoman, choose one with a comfortable seat height for everyone.


What makes an ottoman genuine leather?

A genuine leather ottoman is made from 100% real animalhide, which undergoes a tanning process to become flexible and long-lasting. This process results in a high-quality, durable, and luxurious product that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically appealing. Genuine leather is prized for its superior breathability, durability, and appearance, making it a popular choice for furniture.

It’s essential to note that not all leather products are genuine. Some may be made from processed leather, such as bonded leather, which is a blend of leather pieces and fibers. Genuine leather, on the other hand, is a more significant investment due to its natural properties and better performance over time.

Which types of ottomans have genuine leather upholstery?

Many ottoman designs come with genuine leather upholstery, offering various styles, shapes, and colors to fit your home decor. Some common types of ottomans with genuine leather include a traditional ottoman, a storage ottoman, and a chaise ottoman. Additionally, ottomans with reclining mechanisms or ottomans with built-in cup holders can also be found with genuine leather upholstery.

Ottomans with genuine leather upholstery can be found in various sizes, from compact choices suitable for smaller spaces to larger models that can accommodate multiple users comfortably. It’s essential to consider your room’s dimensions, the material’s durability, and the design’s style when selecting an ottoman with genuine leather upholstery.

Why should I choose an ottoman with genuine leather upholstery?

An ottoman with genuine leather upholstery offers several advantages over other materials like fabric or faux leather. Firstly, real leather is a natural, luxurious material that adds warmth and style to any living space. It is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a durable choice for high-traffic areas of your home.

Secondly, genuine leather is breathable, which means it allows the leather to “breathe” and release moisture, preventing mold and mildew build-up. This quality also helps prevent the leather from cracking or becoming rigid over time, ensuring that the ottoman remains comfortable and functional for many years.

How should I care for an ottoman with genuine leather upholstery?

Caring for a genuine leather ottoman is relatively simple and straightforward. To maintain its appearance and prolong its life, regular cleaning and conditioning are essential. Begin by dusting the ottoman with a soft, dry cloth or a microfiber duster to remove loose dirt and debris. Then, apply a leather cleaner to the surface, following the recommended application guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

For the conditioning process, apply a leather conditioner or a specialized leather balm onto the surface of the ottoman, working it in using a soft cloth in circular motions. This process will help replenish the natural oils in the leather, keeping it soft and supple. It’s essential to avoid using water or cleaning products containing harsh chemicals, as they can damage the leather and shorten its lifespan.

How does the price of an ottoman with genuine leather upholstery compare to other options?

While genuine leather ottomans do come at a higher price point than their counterparts with fabric or faux leather upholstery, the additional investment offers several advantages. The natural materials provide superior durability, breathability, and aesthetics, making genuine leather ottomans a smart, long-term option for your home.

It’s essential to consider the overall value of the product, taking into account its long-lasting nature, style, and functionality. With proper care, a genuine leather ottoman can serve as a versatile and stylish addition to your living space for many years, making it a worthwhile investment for discerning customers.

Where can I find a genuine leather ottoman?

Genuine leather ottomans can be found in various home decor stores, both online and in physical locations. Some popular brands specialize in genuine leather furniture and can offer a wide selection of ottoman designs to choose from. It’s recommended to research potential vendors and compare prices, materials, and styles to ensure that you select the best ottoman for your needs.

Remember that a genuine leather ottoman is an investment that can add comfort, style, and value to your living space. By investing in a high-quality ottoman with genuine leather upholstery, you ensure that it will last for years, maintaining its elegance and functionality while serving as a unique accent piece in your home.

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